Signs of Addiction to Work (Workaholism)

An addiction is a compulsion or need that controls your life. If you decide you are on the path toward addiction to work, you can take action to change your behavior and find caring people to help you.

Check your addiction level

Perhaps you put in long hours at work to get ahead. Many people do. But if you're working more and more and taking less time for family, friends, and other activities, it can lead to stress and anxiety and threaten your relationships. Read the following statements and check yes or no. Answering yes to 3 or more questions may be a sign that work is taking over your life.

If you are concerned about your work habits, contact Workaholics Anonymous at





Do you prefer your work over close relationships, rest, or other activities?

Do you often work evenings, weekends, or while on vacation? Do you work all night to get work done?

Have long work hours affected your health or relationships?

When you’re not at work, do you talk about it and think about it?

Do you take on extra work because you are concerned that things won't otherwise get done?

Do you multitask to get more done?

Does work keep you from spending time with family and friends?

Do you prefer working to socializing? Are you more comfortable talking about your work than other topics?

Do you regularly underestimate how long something will take and then rush to complete it?

Do you resent your work or the people at your workplace for imposing so many pressures on you?

Do you feel that you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Do you get irritated when people ask you to stop working to do something else?

Do you feel agitated when you are idle or resting?

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